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UK EV market surges in wake of COVID-19

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

EV sales in the UK are up by nearly 700% since 2016, whereas in contrast, traditional diesel and petrol fueled cars are down 75% in that same period of time according to “The Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders”.

The latest figures are just as positive, in September, industry figures were showing that battery cars are still on the increase despite the decline in the general automotive market. In fact, in September 2020 EV sales were 3 times as high as EV sales in September 2019!

Car manufacturers are adjusting to this accordingly, with as much as 10% of cars now being sold with a plug, giving the option of electric charging. This would make the vehicles either full EV or plug-in hybrid.

The SMMT did acknowledge that the there will need to be greater backing from governments to cater to the growing demand for EV’s.

Stating the following:

"Even with this growth, however, meeting accelerated ambitions for uptake of these vehicles will require government to get behind a truly world-class package of incentives - alongside binding targets on infrastructure to reassure consumers that recharging will be as easy as re-filling,"

T&E (Transport & Environment) also say that due to the huge percentage of the overall car sales in Europe and the UK being company cars, there is scope there for companies to help accelerate and shift the EV movement.

However, at the moment company cars remain dominated by diesel and petrol cars. In 2020 there are roughly 6 out of 10 cars in Europe and UK that are company cars, more than 95% of these are diesel or petrol.

This led to T&E calling on governments to end the VAT deductions and write-offs for fossil fuel vehicles, instead using tax incentives to push corporate fleets towards 100% emissions-free vehicles, arguing that this would help cut running costs for businesses as well as save companies as much as £3,900 per vehicle.

Saul Lopez, e-mobility manager at T&E, said:

"Electric cars are already the best choice for corporate fleets which clock up high mileage and care about overall costs, not sticker price, yet most company cars have polluting engines."
"Why should taxpayers effectively subsidize the pollution of company cars when electrics are cheaper to use? Governments, the EU and cities should pick this low-hanging fruit so that all new company cars are electric by 2025."

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