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Fixed Wire Testing (EICR) - badge of honour or necessity?

Fixed Wire Testing involves a thorough testing and visual inspection of all low voltage electrical systems in a building.

Fixed Wire Testing will primarily involve the testing and inspection of the items that the power runs through and therefore items that portable appliances plug into. Examples include any main panels, distribution boards, lights, fuse boxes and plug sockets.

Following a fixed wire inspection you will recieve a report, which is essentially a certificate to show evidence to demonstrate you’ve had your Fixed Wire Testing inspection carried out, and therefore the maintenance of your electrical installation carried out.

Having this 'evidence' is extremely important as you need to keep your report in a safe place where you can easily access it should your insurance ask for proof you’ve had your electrical maintenance carried out.

Without evidence if someone experiences an electrical-related injury, you could find yourself open to prosecution.

Your report/certificate will also tell you if there’s anything you need to mend, which, of course, we can help with.

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