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Fire safety in the workplace – what you can do

Until a fire or other problems occur, workplace fire safety is typically a topic that doesn't get nearly as much attention as it should do. But in the majority of situations, workplace fires are avoidable if the correct measures are in place. Particularly when the appropriate fire detection equipment has been installed.

Alongside professional input, the below tips are some helpful suggestions for what you can do to avoid fires in your workplace.

Reduce clutter

In addition to making it more difficult to do regular activities at work, clutter can also make it harder to use emergency exits such as fire escapes, sometimes compeltely blokcing access to them, and in some cases, serving as additional fuel to a fire that has already started. Because of this, it is advised to minimize clutter to an absolute minimum in any type of working environment.

Maintain all electrical and mechanical equipment

Maintaining machinery and electrical equipment in good operating order lowers the risk of overheating, unprotected sparks, and short circuits, which helps prevent workplace fires. If an employee is not properly qualified to do so, they shouldn't try to fix electrical equipment. Additionally, all potential electrical hazards or issues need to be logged right away.

Regularly test the fire alarm system

Every year, too many workplace fires break out due to faulty fire alarm systems. All smoke alarms and fire detection systems must be tested monthly in accordance with code. This will allow you to plan maintenance or repair work on damaged units before they become a fire hazard.

Responsible chemical storage and use

It is imperative to verify that all personnel who utilize chemical items have read and comprehended the guidelines for doing so safely. Any chemical-based materials should be stored in places that are both well-ventilated and kept at a comfortable temperature. In the storage and consumption facilities, no open flames should be allowed either.

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