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Fire Door Safety Tips For Landlords

Research that was released by the British Woodwork Federation (BWF) last year, revealed that nearly three quarters of flat tenants would not listen to advice to “stay put” if a fire broke out in their building.

British Woodwork Federation Chief Executive, Helen Hewitt, stated:

“We all need to feel protected, and especially so when we are asleep. Fire doors play a vital role as the first line of defence against fire and smoke, containing their spread while buildings are evacuated. But they must be properly installed and maintained, and good fire safety practice must be shared and followed. That’s why we continue to raise awareness every year through Fire Door Safety Week. “Good practice is especially important in buildings with multiple occupants and residents who may be vulnerable. It is quite literally a matter of life and death.”

Key tips for landlords to follow:

Routine inspection

If you have had a FRA (Fire Risk Assessment), ensuring that the required doors were covered and inspected by an experienced professional. During the routine check, its advised that the 5 step safety check is included. Whenever there is any doubt, consult a professional immediately.

Get quality fire doors

The best guidance we can give you is to always make sure that any fire doors that you have installed, are undertaken by a professional fire door installer and that they use high quality and certified doors from a reputable fire door supplier. To follow on from this, many door manufacturers may claim that their doors are fire doors, but they will not actually protect from fire. When having fire doors installed it is best practise to insist that they provide the required documentation needed to validate this. Trying to save a bit of money whilst sacrificing safety could be putting tenants lives in danger. It is important to remember that all fire doors must be durable and that they provide a combination of protection from fire, as well as they are easily accessible.

For further information regarding fire door safety and our fire door maintenance service, please click here, or give us a call today - 01604 696113.


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