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EV (Electric Vehicle) Charging Points are proving to increase footfall for businesses

More than two thirds of those who own an EV (Electric Vehicle) are more likely to visit a retailer that has charging points, according to new research.

This is big news when we also take into consideration just how many more EV’s that there will inevitably be as we fast approach the switch to electric vehicles on UK roads.

Intelligence specialist CACI says that offering charging points could be one of the keys to increasing footfall for retailers. The survey found that a third of existing EV owners have used charging facilities at supermarkets. This need to charge at supermarkets and other premises will only likely increase, we already know that by 2025 most major vehicle manufacturers can expect half of their models to be electric.

The CACI figures indicated that 42% of vehicle owners expect their next vehicle to be an EV. In other news, KFC and Toby Carvery were last month both the beneficiaries of this the when loads of fast-food diners and super marketers took advantage of their cheap electric vehicle charging stations - seeing a significant boost in their footfall after installing EV power points.

With all of this in mind, if you are a business looking to install EV charging points for this reason or any other reason, you will need to ensure that your charging stations are properly maintained. At Protest ES Ltd we don’t just install EV charging points, we also provide replacement, maintenance (EICR Testing) and repair.

Get in touch with us today, if you require installation or testing of your EV Charging Points. Contact us: | 01604 696113.


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