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Anti-Bullying Week 2022 - #ReachOut

Anti-Bullying Week is an annual opportunity to learn more about bullying, and what can be done to meaningfully prevent it.

For those of you who don’t know, Anti-Bulling week is a UK annual event held during November. As the name suggests, its purpose is to raise awareness about bullying and effective ways of tackling the issue.

Did you know that in the UK bullying affects one in three adults!

Bullying causes unimaginable distress to a person, including anxiety, stress and depression. It affects all areas of your emotional well-being and has a major impact on your mental health. And it’s not just those being bullied that it affects. For instance, bullying also affects the bystanders who see it happen, the families, the friendship groups. Additionally, the bully themselves.

Those who are bullied may:

  • Lack of quality friendships.

  • Display high levels of emotion that indicate vulnerability and low levels of resilience.

  • Avoid conflict and be socially withdrawn.

  • Have low self-esteem.

  • Become depressed, anxious and lonely.

  • Experience increased nightmares.

  • Feel wary or suspicious of others.

  • In extreme cases, have a higher risk of self-harm and/or suicide.

But its only Banter!

We all take part in a little banter, but there’s a limit! Think of how the other person could take it. It can be confusing for someone to try and work out whether name-calling, for example, is banter or bullying. However, if it’s a one-off then it’s just banter, but when it becomes persistent and regular, it’s crossed the line. Banter becomes bullying when it is:

  • Intended to insult and humiliate the other person.

  • If it becomes regular and persistent.

  • Even after they have asked someone to stop, it continues.

Above all, it’s important to seek help and support if you are experiencing any form of bullying. You can speak to your family and friends. Although we understand that doing so can be difficult.

Here at Protest ES Ltd we believe in being kind and respectful to one another, treating others how we wish to be treated ourselves.


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