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An EICR explained in simple terms

At Protest ES Ltd we have been providing commercial EICR inspection services throughout the UK for years now, and thought it’d be a good idea to share another brief explanation of an EICR is and what it involves.

The obvious first thought is what is an EICR and what steps must be taken?

What happens during an electrical test?

To understand what a commercial EICR consists of, we must first understand and consider the goal, and that is to ensure electrical safety of installations within your workplace. The fundamental requirement is that all electrical equipment and installations be tested, examined, and the results from the testing be documented. This also entails inspecting parts for damage, wiring irregularities, and other potential dangers, particularly those involving electric shocks or dangerously high temperatures within Distribution boards and other installations.

The outcomes from testing and inspections will then be separated into the following types of category:


C1 - There is danger present; immediate action is necessary. The most serious category, repairs or replacements should be made right away, and the site contact should also be informed.

C2 - Potentially hazardous, immediate remedial action needed

FI - Additional research is necessary.


C3 - Still given are suggestions for improvement or advises for improvement; these are typically flaws in the installation that do not conflict with the most recent edition of the regulations but do comply with a previous edition.

The installation is deemed satisfactory once all necessary repairs have been made to all C1, C2, and FI defects, and all necessary documentation has been produced to give a thorough audit trail confirming the flaws have been resolved.

If you’d like to learn more about having your Fixed Wire Testing (EICR) delivered by Protest ES Ltd, contact us today: or call us: 01604 696113.


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