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£620m Gov grant for EV - as move towards a greener Britain intensifies

The latest Net Zero Strategy sets out exactly how the UK government will aim to deliver on its commitment to reach net zero emissions by 2050.

The plan is to see a noticeable reduction in the reliance for imported fossil fuels, protecting consumers from global spikes in pricing by increasing clean energy sources. All this leading up to the UK’s hosting of the UN COP26 summit next week, where the Prime Minister will call on other world economies to set out their own domestic plans for cutting emissions.

British businesses and consumers will be supported in making the transition to clean energy and green technology – lowering the Britain’s reliance on fossil fuels by investing in sustainable clean energy in the UK. Therefore reducing the risk of high and volatile prices in the future, and strengthening UK energy security.

The UK’s commitment to this new strategy should unlock up to £90bn of private investment by 2030, in doing so, supporting 440,000 well-paid jobs in green industries by 2030.

Interestingly too, it is reported by the governement that we should also see £620m used for targeted electric vehicle grants and infrastructure, with plans to put thousands more zero emission cars as well as vans out onto UK roads, through a special zero emission vehicle mandate.

Protest ES Ltd provide EV charge point installs as well as EICR testing too.

We are proud partners to Rolec, working with the leading EV charge point providers to provide installation, testing and inspection programmes of existing EV infrastructures as well as brand new ones.

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