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Calls for improved EVCI (EV charging infrastructure) network in UK

With the impending net zero looming it is perhaps no surprise that more and more businesses, organisations and establishments are looking to, and are already actively setting up EVCI (EV Charging Infrastructure) for their workforce, their visitors and the general public to utilise.

The figures appear to back this uptake in EV too, with a new recent survey just released, that over half (51%) of NHS Trusts have now installed EV Charging Infrastructure (EVCI) for their staff, patients, and the wider community.

We must, however, have the system in place if we are to be prepared for this to increase as the move towards in the UK becomes more evident. This was the general consensus too of the ECA’s energy advisor, Luke Osbourne, who stated: “We need a coordinated plan for EV charging to help the public sector and the UK to achieve its decarbonisation targets.

Hospitals are integral to their communities, so their plans must reach out more widely to include the wider road network”.

With demand increasing basically every day, it is hard to argue against the need for a more organised electrical vehicle charging infrastructure to be implemented going forward.

The ECA, are a key governing body for some of the UK’s biggest electrical contractors and other businesses who are involved in EV charging as well. They believe that an integrated UK EV charging network is a vital step towards enabling the planned national net zero plan for a greener future, by becoming fossil fuel-free motorists.

Especially when considering that despite significant progress with EVCI, there were still more than 50% of the Trusts that reported that they were either behind on their wider decarbonisation targets or that they don't have any clear emissions reduction goals in place.

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