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Fire Damper Testing

Fire dampers are crucial passive fire protection products that help to prevent the quick and dangerous spread of fire and smoke through building duckwork allowing people sufficient time to evacuate safely during a building fire. 

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What is a Fire Damper?

A fire damper is a ‘passive’ fire protection product. Fire dampers are integrated into the ductwork of heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems to help delay the spread of smoke and fire. Their primary aim is to give people sufficient time to safely evacuate a building during a fire.

If a fire was to break out in a building with no fire dampers, then the fire would easily pass through duct systems, spreading rapidly throughout the premises, and infiltrating fire-resistant walls and floors into escape routes.

Fire dampers are designed to delay the spread of fire from happening by closing shut when a fire occurs. This helps to hold back the fire, reduce it from spreading into escape routes and causing greater damage to property and the building itself and most importantly protects the lives of those inside by preserving the integrity of fire escape routes.

Why Do I Need Fire Damper Testing?

Fire dampers are a crucial part of any buildings fire safety system and need to be properly maintained to ensure that they are in top condition and working effectively as they should because if not, it could quite literally be the difference between life and death.

With recent high-profile building fires and the subsequent Hackitt Report, it is vital to take the steps you can to prevent a fire from spreading.

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How Often Should Fire Dampers Be Checked?

It is now a legal requirement for fire dampers to be tested every year, and it is something that shouldn’t be put off or ignored.


Fire damper testing is just as important as the regular testing of fire alarms to keep buildings safe and prepared in the event that a fire occurs.

What happens during a Fire Damper Test?

In accordance with BS 9999:2017. Protest ES Ltd offers a fire damper testing, cleaning and maintenance service.

Here is what can be expected during our fire damper maintenance and testing appointments:

  • A check of all fire dampers within the building and where they are located is created.

  • A check of each fire damper individually looking for signs of corrosion, damage and obstructions.

  • Cleaning of channels and runners.

  • Advice given on any damaged dampers that need to be repaired or replaced.

  • Dampers are reset back to normal

  • A full report is produced which details all locations, maintenance, agreed repairs and replacements as well as any recommendations and detailed exception reports on any failures.

What happens after fire damper testing?

Once we have carried out your fire damper testing, you will receive a written report confirming your compliance with legislation BS 9999:2017. We recommend that this is kept on file as it includes before and after photos of each fire damper and their location and damper number so you can provide this to a Safety Compliance officer if required to confirm the fire safety of your building.

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The Protest ES Ltd Promise 

  • Identify and locate each fire damper

  • Retrofit access doors if any of these are inaccessible

  • Carry out fire damper testing, cleaning and drop testing and reset each fire damper

  • Provide accurate records of fire damper testing, cleaning and drop testing, including before and after photographs of cleaning

  • Identify any problems and recommend remedial action

  • Carry out remedial work where required

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