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Dry Riser Maintenance

Why Dry Riser Maintenance?

As the person responsible for the fire safety at your workplace, you have a legal responsibility to ensure that all fire fighting equipment is being maintained regularly, this includes the dry riser. British standards B29990, state that a full annual pressure test must be carried out, as well as a 6 monthly visual check up for buildings that are above 18 metres and below 50/60 metres.

What does Dry Riser Maintenance involve?

When visually inspecting a dry riser, it is important to check for any sign of damage or wear and tear, this to ensure that everything is in good working order.

The annual testing of a dry riser involves undergoing what is called a wet test. It is important to make sure that the water will always successfully be delivered when required in an emergency situation. The pressure test involves the dry riser being filled with water at a certain pressure for a certain amount of time. During the testing of the pressure, inlets and outlets require testing for leaks. A flow test is carried out to ensure that when jets are in operation, there is still a suitable running pressure available within the system. The main aim to establish 

Why Protest ES Ltd?

Having competent, experienced and fully certified fire safety experts on hand to ensure that your dry riser is maintained to the required HSE standards is an integral part of ensuring the safety of your workplace. If you cannot ensure this as a duty holder, you may leave yourself liable. Our team will see to it that if there are any faults, or any damaged parts, these will be replaced and a further test be arranged before any certification of compliance is issued.

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