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What methods can businesses take to improve their carbon footprint?

Any business regardless of the industry that they are in, should have, or be looking at, ways that they can reduce their energy consumption. If every business were to manage the amount of energy that is used throughout a company, the positive impact towards climate could be truly astounding. As well as the potential to legitimately save thousands of pounds that would be otherwise wasted.

By not properly taking on the challenge of better managing your energy usage, you are not only having a poor contribution to the growing climate crisis in terms of your carbon footprint, you are very likely also losing out on thousands that could potentially saved on wasted electricity. However, lowering your energy emissions is not something that can simply happen overnight, it will take organisation, discipline, and consistency.

The best way to start the process of being more energy efficient is to get an understanding of where you are currently, in terms of energy usage and identifying areas that require the most improvement. It is also valuable to understand what the average figures for energy consumption are before making improvements to your own companies energy usage.

For example, the average UK business is reported to be using from roughly 15,000 up to 25,000 KWh of electricity each year (very high). The reasons to be more efficient with energy consumption are glaringly obvious, improve your overall turnover, whilst doing less damage to the planet, it’s a win win.

Having an employee who looks after this is key, as it will help to promote the need for better energy efficiency throughout the company on a day to day basis, which should encourage or instill the right kind of shift in mentality. Having a person assigned to this role will give them the authority and freedom to identify and reduce certain aspects within the business that are leading to wastage. This person essentially becomes the eyes and ears of the business, responsible for tasks like checking the electricity meters and monitoring your fuel consumption for your fleet of vehicles (if you have one). They will be able to report back any new discoveries and create an action plan off the back of their findings, in order to make the required future improvements.

Improving energy efficiency within a company can be a daunting task regardless of company size. In most cases, to get the best results as a company, you should be consulting a professional to help you best manage your energy usage. That professional can help by ultimately advising you on the specific optimizations that you need to be making as a business. This in order to significantly reduce your energy wastage and your carbon footprint, as well as your general spend by cutting any lingering overheads.

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