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What makes the perfect brew?

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

It is almost tradition in both UK homes and workplaces, to start the day with a nice hot drink. Whether you’re a coffee person or a tea person, there is something distinctly British about the latter. Thankfully, UK company “” have revealed the secrets behind creating the perfect builders brew.

The experts decided to create a guide in hopes to finally give some closure to lifelong debates such as whether to add milk before the hot water or what is the perfect amount of sugar to add to your cuppa.

These guidelines were brought around as they received feedback from their customers, such as issues with the selected mugs being too big therefore meaning brews were weaker and getting cold before they could be drunk.

Guidelines go as followed: Getting a builder’s tea correct is vital as the strength of the brew will help provide key energy and boost morale for the long day of physical labour. Brewers must use a ceramic mug; the mug must be warmed with hot water before adding the teabag.

The hot water must be added firstly to allow for maximum flavour and to give the brew time to get full colour to measure the added milk. Allow the brewing for no less than 1 minute and always squeeze the teabag against the mug several times to ensure maximum strength.

Take care when adding the milk, great care must be taken as the tea must be strong yet milky with a light brown biscuit like colour. Stirring the brew whilst adding milk is advised as this helps us judge how the colour is developing. Generally, two teaspoons are the recommended amount, but it is best to go with individual preferences to ensure the perfect cuppa.

“Given that we’re supposed to be a nation of tea drinkers, it’s funny how many people don’t know how to make a proper builder’s brew.

Tim Alcock from had this to say: “Tradesmen often talk about ‘anaemic tea’ that really isn’t going to give them the energy they need when they’re doing a hard day’s work in the house or garden. A cup of proper builder’s tea is a delight and a British staple, and now there’s no excuse to get it wrong.”


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