Thermal Imaging - Why Head of Estates deem them perfect for Schools, Colleges and Universities

Thermal imaging, also known as thermographic surveys, are perfect for schools, colleges, universities and any other premises that fit under the educational sector umbrella.

Thermal imaging, also known as thermography or thermographic surveys are a great resource for facilities managers or head of estates that look after buildings in the education sector.

This due to the fact that many sites like schools, colleges, and universities need to remain operational continuously throughout the day.

Thermal imaging is a perfect addition to any electrical maintenance/PPM plan, serving as an invaluable diagnostical tool as there is no requirement to disrupt proceedings by turning off the power to systems or isolating the power.

Thermal imaging can be conducted with power remaining intact, due to its lack of invasiveness and minimal disruption capabilities.

At protest ES Ltd we provide a complete thermal imaging (thermographic survey) service, more specifically for the electrical components at your site that will require inspection to ensure that they are operating at a safe level.

On the back of this, we also provide a comprehensive report accompanied with any recommendations that our experts have, giving you peace of mind and ensuring that you’re not left worrying.

To book your Thermal Imaging survey with us now, contact - or similarly call – 01604 696113.