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PAT Testing - What We Use

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Why we use Seaward Apollo+ Series

The Seaward Apollo Series portable appliance testers are our PAT testing kit of choice.

They are the perfect balance between speed, portabilty and are packed with the advanced features needed for modern high volume PAT testing. The Apollo range has been created to offer a tester that's perfect for all applications.

The benefits of using Seaward Apollo+ Series

We use Seaward Apollo+ comprehensive testers as they have a large internal memory for test records, they also have a suite of time-saving test sequences and reporting features as well as an interchangeable batteries to minimise downtime when in the field.

There are a number of kits available to help speed up our qualified PAT testers. Making use of Seawards labelling process and 2D barcode printing format and scanner allow us to store appliance data for quicker retesting.

Why Protest ES Ltd trusts Seaward

We use Seaward due to it's comprehensive safety testing solutions which can integrate with any product line and helps us to comply to safety standards. Since 1982 Seaward have continued to innovate and bring electrical safety professionals the best PAT testing equipment available.

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