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Meet the tradespeople using social media influence to make money on apps like TikTok

Bionic recently carried out a study which uncovered that tradespeople and small business owners are using various social media platforms such as TikTok to make up to £11k for every individual post and close to £1m per year.

The keyword or hashtag of #smallbusinessowner has over 875 million viewers on TikTok alone.

The UK’s @thep00lguy is one of the biggest of the trades person influencer types on TikTok, and is now even verified with a blue tick on his profile. With a colossal 7.9 million followers and more than 132 million likes, he has captivated his TikTok audience through very candid videos of cleaning some of Britain’s pools. To give some emphasis on the type of reach he has, a recent video had over 150,000 likes alone.

Glyn Britton, Chief Customer Officer at business comparison expert Bionic, added:

“Social media, particularly TikTok, can be such an impressive tool for small businesses to use. It allows them to share genuine footage of their day to day processes and jobs – giving people a glimpse ‘behind the scenes’ that they wouldn’t usually get a chance to experience. But it’s not just about sharing videos.

As our study shows, it also allows loads of SME owners and trade workers to really get their brand out there and showcase their hard work by building a community of followers.

The nature of TikTok also means that no one is expecting expertly filmed and edited footage. Much of the video content we can see being created now is roughly filmed on smartphones by people with no formal social media experience. However, the authenticity, personality and craftsmanship being showcased is why the public readily engage time and time again.

Much like its predecessors, TikTok costs nothing to set up and, if used creatively, can become a lead generator and extra stream of income for SMEs.”

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