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How to ensure that your Fire Door is checked and maintained

The importance of checking and keeping your fire doors maintained should never be overlooked. Fire doors are a legal requirement in any commercial building and are a key component in the defense against fire. Because of this, it’s absolutely critical that fire doors are maintained and their condition checked, so that they can operate to their required level.

Below are some of the steps to take at your commercial premises, to ensure that your fire doors are fire safety compliant.

Ensure that your fire doors are certified, you can do this by looking for a label or plug on the upper side of the door, looking for the rating mark.

Check that all fire doors are secured and that there are no openings or ill fitting fire doors, this to protect against any potential heat, smoke and of course, fire. Doors must be firmly fitted, sealed, and can be closed properly onto their latch. Checking also that there is zero sign of damage to fire doors.

Fire doors must present the message clearly, with no doubts raised about the signage on them. For example, messages such as “Keep Clear” and “Keep Shut”. These signs need to be firmly fixed on to, and of course, match their appropriate fire door type.

If you have any query’s regarding the safety of your fire doors or for that matter, any aspect of the fire safety at your premises, get in contact with us now!

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