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Here’s how Commercial Facilities can capitalise On EV Charging business opportunities

Electrical vehicles (EVs) are a hot spot in the UK car market. Now drivers' behavior patterns are beginning to highlight business opportunities that non-automotive companies, particularly commercial facilities, can capitalise on.

One of the biggest worries for EV drivers is charge anxiety—the fear that, on extended trips, they won't find a working charging station when it's needed.

This concern is unfortunately a reality as motorists must contend with insufficient numbers of public chargers, non-functioning chargers, difficulty finding the right charger or arriving at a charger to find another vehicle is occupying it. This all adds up to a poor driver charging experience, and this is where commercial facilities can make a difference.

Currently, around 90% of EV charging is done at home and at work. That percentage will certainly shift as EV ownership increases among people who live where there is no easy access to home charging.

This includes people in urban dwellings with on-street parking, neighborhoods without garages or multifamily housing. This creates a pathway for commercial and industrial buildings and facilities to become the gas stations of the future by offering EV charging to attract new customers and generate new revenue.

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