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Electrical Fire Safety Week

Electrical Fire Safety Week runs from 23rd to 29th November 2020


- Over half of all accidental house fires are caused by issues relating to electricity.

- Faulty electrics cause about 4,000 fires in the home each year.

- 9 out of 10 electrical fires are caused by electrical products.

During Electrical Fire Safety Week, Electrical Safety First work closely with the Government's Fire Kills campaign and various Fire & Rescue Services across the UK all with the common goal of raising awareness for electrical fire safety risks.

They focus on giving out valuable and important safety steps that people can follow to avoid devastating fires in both homes as well as businesses.

The campaign offers general safety tips as well as focusing on areas in the home and specific types of products that may pose a particular risk to safety.

If you require any support or advice with the electrical and fire safety in your building, contact - 01604 696113 today.

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