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An MOT for your electrical installations - EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report)

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

An EICR (Electrical installation conditioning report) can also be referred to as Fixed Wire Testing or Periodic Testing. Fundamentally they all pretty much mean the same thing; all of these electrical tests or reports cover the same safety and compliance requirement.

That requirement is ensuring that your electrical installations are fit for purpose and safe to use with evidence that validates this. Similar to any vehicle that requires an MOT, think of an EICR as the MOT of your electrical installations. You need one to check that everything is working safely and sufficiently, with the paperwork that proves it.

Principally Fixed Wire Testing (EICR) is carried out in order to safeguard your workplace from potential hazards that could arise from faulty or mismanaged electrical installations.

Another key factor of an EICR report is that it should also help educate you and help provide important insights into your electrical infrastructure with recommendations, outlining any remedial work that might make your business safer and/or more efficient.

its important to note that an EICR will absolutely be expected by your insurance company auditors. This as you must prove that you have taken the necessary precautions to best avoid accidents in the workplace and have done your utmost to prevent both injury to your occupants as well as any avoidable damages to the building that you are operating in.

If you an accident and/or damage were to occur at your place of work and you are found guilty of misconduct, the insurance company would not be obligated to pay out for any sort of compensation or fines faced if you haven’t got evidence of a sufficient EICR having been carried out.

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