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Benefits of installing EV Charging Points at your Business Premises

In November 2018 there was a reported 18,000+ charging points across 6,000+ locations in the UK. A year later and that figure was at more than 27,000 charging points across roughly 10,000 locations.

The growth is staggering and it is widely thought that this is down to the recent change in stance from government officials, in which they pledged to make solid financial commitments to the charging network. This as well as companies realising that they need to be proactive in reaction to the market.

The UK government made their climate stance very clear in 2018 when they launched the “Road to zero” campaign.

This was part of their ambitious strategy in which they aimed to make as much as 50-70% of all new car purchases in the UK, ultra-low emission by 2030. With this is mind, there were also big plans made to allow for a massive roll out of charging infrastructure, in aid of supporting the aim.

This roll out plan Included working towards requirements for new homes to have charging points built in, as well as even lampposts accommodating charging stations, having stations attached to them.

A whopping reported £400m charging investment fund will facilitate the growth of this infrastructure, this as well as funds being provided to the new and existing companies who show the impetus to produce and install charging points. Grants for workplace charger installation will also be increased in value, so that individuals are able to charge their electric vehicles whilst at work.

In the UK it is said that there are now more charging point stations than there are petrol stations. With rapid and fast chargers having experienced the most and strongest growth.

With the UK wanting to reach the goal of having at least 1 million EV’s on the road by 2022, this growth will need to be sustained. However, a boost came in August, in the form of Grant Shapps, the UK’s transport secretary, who announced that the government would be putting forward a further £2.5m of funding towards the EV charging infrastructure.

These funds will go towards the install of more than 1,000 new charging stations, these will be installed on all roads throughout the UK. It is becoming less and less of a secret that commercial businesses and organisations are recognising the benefits to becoming EV friendly, here we look at some of the key benefits of EV charging points for a business.

The first key benefit of adopting EV for a business, is the increased visitor and employee attraction. There are roughly 50% of households in the UK that do not have off-street parking and still rely very much on public networks in order to charge their electrical vehicles.

EV charging points or facilities, are one more way for companies to add a cutting edge to their workforce, offering this as part of employee benefits whilst also allowing a company to display their green credentials in terms of lowering the company’s overall carbon footprint.

As well as this, on the business side, there is also scope to offer the option of charging electrical vehicles as a means of encouraging customers to stay longer (and / or spend more) at their premises, while they wait for their cars to fully charge.

To learn more about how we can help you install EV Charging Points at your premises, simply give us a call on 01604 696113, or visit our website and leave us a message and we will get back to you as quick as we can.


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