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3 potential Christmas hazards to avoid

As touched upon in our previous article regarding safety tips, we are listing below some hazards that you should consider going forward into the festive period.

1. Loose materials

A huge part of Christmas in all households is obviously the presents, with presents comes a lot of materials in the form of wrapping paper as well as plastic and cardboard boxes.

This can often be left lying around for the most part of the holidays until it is eventually cleared. Unfortunately these materials are perfect fuel for a fire, therefore it would be best practise to ensure that you look to clear them as soon as possible.

2. Power socket overuse

Another huge aspect of Christmas are the decorations, the bolder the better for a lot of people. Perhaps most popular are Christmas lights, whether it be large neon designs that are hung up on the outside of the house, or simpler fairly lights on the inside of the house.

Whatever it may be, these lights are using way more electricity than you would likely be using if it were not Christmas. The specific lights that are used in these specific areas also mean that the closest power sockets will be utilised the most. However, Those better placed sockets that are most convenient are also going to be heavily overused. This can easily lead to overheating, sparking and electrocuting, or even burning and causing a fire to start.

A good and simple way to counteract this problem would be to make sure that you use extension leads as a means of spreading the power more evenly, therefore not demanding too much from 1 or 2 particular sockets.

3. Christmas tree fire hazard

Something that is perhaps overlooked, is the management of Christmas trees over the festive period. They remain very vulnerable to fire outbreaks in the home due to the either electrical power aspect of fake trees, or the often dryness of a real Christmas trees leaves.

Both aspects can very easily become a fire hazard and it is advised that you tread carefully when decorating a real tree with electrical items, such as lights and when powering an already electrical tree. As much as it may look nice, we’d advise that you limit the amount of time that your Christmas tree is illuminated or powered for if electrical, quite substantially to avoid potential fire hazards. If you are to leave the room for a significant amount of time make sure everything electrical is turned off at the plug.

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