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Why PAT Testing is more important than you think

PAT Testing is often the servicing that as a business, you probably don't value it too highly on the list of priorities, in this article we discuss why it should be valued. Like many compliance services, PAT Testing is very much in place to reduce future safety risks, to prevent damage and to keep in line with up to date UK Health and Safety regulations.

Because in most cases it is not an instant fix to an already prevalent fault or issue, PAT Testing can be easier for people to overlook and sometimes even fully ignore the very important proactive benefits that it provides.

Ensure safety

The fact remains however, that PAT Testing helps contribute massively to the safety of people in a work place. It can even be suggested that PAT Testing saves lives not just from electric shock, but also fire. With the majority of fires that happen in the UK starting from some form of electrical fault.

PAT Testing is very much proactive maintenance and in place to ensure that items remain in a safe state. However, PAT Testing engineers will also find issues that they have identified and are able to rectify on the spot such as faulty fuses in a plug. What we must remember is PAT Testing is very much as important as the testing on any wiring installation, both testing procedures are in place to identify faults and make sure that they don't lead to electrical shock or a fire. By having Portable Appliance Testing carried out at your place of work, you are essentially ensuring the safety of all portable and movable items from any risk of causing fire and / or resulting in electrical shock to occupants.

Remain compliant

As a respectable business you are expected to comply with all the relevant laws around the safety of your businesses property. By having PAT Testing carried out, this will mean that your business remains compliant with relevant UK laws and government bodies, the most notable law being the Electrical at Work Act (EWA). Remaining compliant will also benefit you insurance wise. Insurance companies have expectations also that you must meet Health and Safety laws. If your electrical systems and items are not being maintained to a safe level, or if they are, but you cannot prove items are safe, your insurance company can easily cancel your policy, deeming it void. Making claims regarding any incident or accident, without the appropriate proof of maintenance through a PAT Testing certificate, will for most insurers, result in a decline as most insurance companies will expect a minimum of annual checkups regarding your PAT Testing.

If after reading this you think that you have a requirement for this service, click here to find out more about our PAT Testing service. Or call us on - 01604 696113 if you need some assistance, our team are always willing to help.


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