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Why consistency always wins - keeping current and gaining new clients

Growth is natural for businesses, and is usually a common aim. With this comes change. However, it is essential that the core principles that your current customers value you for remain the same. This can be difficult when attempting to attract new clients, so it is important to find a balanced strategy.

  • Consistency in business builds trust. It is difficult to build a positive reputation in an industry without consistently delivering positive results. Put simply, people trust businesses that prove themselves over time to be reliable.

  • Consistency improves customer retention. When a business consistently delivers the same level of results for a client every time, they know what they can expect. Inconsistent results demonstrate unprofessionalism and give customers uncertainty.

  • Consistency allows for measurability, as it is much easier to track progress towards goals with consistent results. On the other hand, inconsistent work creates too many variables to track anything accurately.

Define your brand and stick to it

It is understandable that people get bored using the same brand elements every day, but consistency is critical when it comes to the visual brand. Constantly changing components can make your brand appear unprofessional and even untrustworthy.

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