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What are the challenges faced by facilities and maintenance managers?

1. Budget Issues

Budget concerns are among the most prevalent problems faced by facilities and maintenance managers. This may be connected to the cost of repairs, the inventory of spare parts, or the addition of new devices to boost security and productivity.

The organization's management must monitor cost consumptions, including a thorough analysis of historical data. Lack of investment in systems and equipment is usually the main cause of maintenance problems.

2. Maintaining Asset life cycle

Maintaining optimal asset performance has many advantages, including lower maintenance costs, longer asset life, and higher worker and asset productivity.

To avoid rising maintenance costs and shortened asset life, it's crucial to protect your assets.

3. Time Planning

Maintenance managers have lots of activities each day such as planning maintenance activities, daily meetings, coordinating with suppliers for inventory requirements & planning. With an efficient system, managers can set alerts & reminders in their calendar for optimizing routine. Time planning is also important for asset management, that is why facility managers should be skilled & knowledgeable of assets.

4. No Proper Tracking

When there is no proper tracking of assets then assets theft chances are increased. This not only interrupts the daily operation, but also leads to unnecessary expenses for organisations. When you do not track assets or keep manual records then chances of error are increased. As a result, assets do not get maintenance on time. That is why it is important to keep track of assets with precision.

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