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What are RAMS (Risk Assessment Method Statements) and how do they help?

*Not these type of RAMS*

What are RAMS?

Risk Assessment Method Statements (RAMS) as they are commonly abbreviated, in short, will involve the identifying of any potential hazards in your workplace.

From here, they then must be analysed in order to determine if they present a risk that could potentially harm someone in the premises. If there is any risk, there needs to be methods explored and implemented, neutralizing, or at very least, mitigating that risk.

What do RAMS consist of?

RAMS are documents that companies create after they conduct risk assessments. RAMS documents will contain details of a hazard, as well as a detailed step-by-step safe working guide that will guide employees, contractors, and others on how to safely conduct themselves in a premises. As a result, RAMS have more detail than just risk assessments alone.

What are some of the benefits of RAMS?

- Helping with decision making

- Preventing any possibility of misunderstanding

- Improve and streamline safety processes

To summarise

Risk assessments identify, calculate, and control risks.

Method Statements describe the detailed steps of how to complete the job and avoid the risks identified in the initial risk assessment, fundamentally - how to operate safely within the workplace.

Method Statements should always follow risk assessments, this because if there is still a risk to employees or others after you take all possible mitigating actions, it becomes clear that there still needs to be further communication and actioning of updated work processes that will keep people safe.

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