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What are Fire Blankets?

What are Fire Blankets?

A Fire Blanket is a small fire extinguisher in the form of a blanket type device made up of fire proof materials such as glass wool, designed to defuse fires mainly in the kitchen environment. The type of fire that Fire Blankets are most likely to be used for are that of oil related fires, such as chip pan or barbecue type fires, sometimes even for smaller office related fires.

How do they work?

In some more extreme cases, larger Fire Blankets can be used to wrap around the body to deflect and defend people from fire, in the event of evacuation from a breakout. Larger Fire Blankets are usually best used on smaller people, in particular, young adults or children (large blanket pictured below on the right).

Once released from the container it is kept in, the Fire Blanket is to be opened and spread to its full size, the user placing it carefully over the circumference of the fire source to smoother it.

What is the best method for using them?

Fire Blankets are perfect for emergency situations as they are designed for quick access, with their quick release capabilities.

It is normally advised that Fire Blanket containers be placed as close as possible to the predicted area of where a fire could be expected to breakout.

Once a Fire Blanket has been released and placed over the area of fire risk to smoother it, it is best practise to leave the blanket for several minutes, sometimes up to 10 minutes, waiting until all signs of the fire have been defused. Fire Blankets once used, should not be reused in any circumstance as you can never be confident that it has not been damaged too much to be effective for further use.

If you require a Fire Blanket Inspection to ensure that all your Fire Blankets on site are ready, capable and fit for purpose, call - 01604 696113.


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