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The importance of Fire Door Maintenance

The importance of frequent Fire Door Maintenance

Installed Fire Doors in most cases should be checked on a pretty regular basis, if they are not, you cannot be sure that they are ready and fit for purpose, functioning in the correct manner. Fire Doors should be treated with the same level of importance as any other fire safety equipment.

This due to the adverse affects on performance that even the slightest of changes to the makeup, or the surroundings of a Fire Door can have. Frequency of maintenance checks are completely unique to your specific site. If your premises is somewhere with many occupants moving around the building, this site will in most cases require a higher frequency of checkups. if you have minimal numbers of occupants moving around at any which time, this will mean a lower frequency of maintenance checks are required.

How does a Fire Door function?

Apart from its standard use as a regular door, Fire Doors have a lot more to them. As well as being a key aspect of fire escape routes, they are a bespoke safety system designed specifically to meet required fire safety standards. Fire Doors are a passive fire protector for when a fire is actively trying to spread. For example, there could be a long straight hallway in which a fire is spreading along, until it meets the Fire Door, this will serve as an effective barrier protecting occupants on the other side of said Fire Door, holding off the fire and increasing the chances of a successful escape.

Why some find it easy to ignore/avoid proper Fire Door Maintenance

Duty holders can sometimes tend to neglect following the recommended Fire Door Maintenance procedures because of the sheer rareness of a fire emergency occurring. A theme that many duty holders unfortunately tend to follow is being too reactive, instead of focusing on the proactive measures available to ensure safety, they wait until something isn't working when they need it, rather than checking that safety system is ready and fit for purpose regardless of whether or not it is needed in the moment or for future use.

Why you must ensure proper Fire Door Maintenance

As a duty holder you must acknowledge that Fire Doors are integral to the overall fire safety of your building. They provide a powerful barrier to the spreading of fire, if you cannot determine that they are performing to their required standard, then you cannot be sure that they will remain as an effective barrier when the time comes that they are needed.

Should you require our Fire Door Maintenance service, please don't hesitate to contact us - 01604 69613.


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