PAT Testing - The Importance of Testing in Hospitals

PAT testing provides the most effective way to identify defects that can come with use.

Faults in electrical equipment pose a potential hazard, particularly if they are not repaired readily.

PAT stands for portable appliance testing, and applies to any electrical device which can be moved and is operated using a standard three-pin plug.

In a hospital, surgery, clinic or any other medical premises, there will usually be a high number of these kinds of appliances which need to be checked regularly.

Safety is of the utmost important in settings such as these, and PAT testing can contribute towards creating a safer, secure environment for staff and patients.

Why choose Protest ES Ltd as your dedicated PAT Testing service provider

Our PAT testing and medical equipment testing will make sure each and every appliance on your premises gets the attention it needs to reduce health hazards as much as possible.

We are completely dedicated to making sure that our clients have peace of mind and a safe workplace with equipment that is functioning at its very best. When you are working with us you can always expect the highest standard of service.

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