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Irish farmer left devastated after 2,000 of his pigs die in fire caused by electrical fault

In early September an Irish farmer was left devastated due to the loss of as many as 2000 of his livestock that were tragically killed in an electrical fire. A farrowing house containing the piglets at Glen marshal Pedigree Pigs farm, was totally destroyed by the fire.

Farmer, Trevor Shields, had stated that the firefighters called to the blaze had done an amazing job at stemming the flow of the fire and stopping it spread further.

He said:

"In layman's terms it's the maternity ward and there were 140 sows in there with baby piglets, up to about three weeks old,"

Mr Shields added.

"Total number somewhere around 2,000 and they are just gone, which is very sad."

The farmer explained that he had been told by firefighters that the likely cause of the fire was that of an electrical fault.

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