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Five Step Fire Door Check

Fire safety doesn’t happen by accident, it requires universal attention.

Everyone plays their part in ensuring a fire door performs as it should, from the manufacturer through to the building users.

Improving fire safety within UK buildings is a challenge we are all continuously facing. Irrelevant of sector, it’s of the highest importance for any building type – from schools and hospitals to high-rise residential and industrial facilities. Because when it comes to fire, there are no exemptions.

Fire door safety is an area that should never be neglected. Often, fire doors are the first line of defense in protecting people and property in the event of a fire – but only when installed and maintained appropriately.

Everyone has a role in ensuring their buildings remain safe from fire, and if you have any concerns, then please ensure these are reported to the building owner or person responsible for the fire safety of that building.

A closed fire door can be the difference between life and death and driving positive action to reduce fire-related fatalities.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Protest ES Ltd, for any of your Fire Door Maintenance requirements in the workplace, today – 01604 696113 |


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