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Electric Car Charging Points - Why your office needs them

Electric mobility has become a critical tool in building a sustainable future in the eyes of many. As a result, the number of electric cars has increased exponentially in recent months and is expected to continue to do so.

However, the rise of electric vehicles (EVs) has overshot current charging infrastructure, creating an increased need for charging facilities to meet this growing demand. Charging points at work help make electric cars viable for commuters who live further away from their homes. If your work doesn’t have an electric vehicle charge point installed, it could take advantage of the Government's Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS).

With the growing environmental concerns of employees and pressure on employers mounting, forward-thinking workplaces are looking to EV charging stations as a potential solution.

Benefits of installing an EV Charging station

EV charging stations attract and retain new talent as, despite the electric mobility transition accelerating, public EV charging infrastructure hasn’t kept up the pace. Many employees who live in densely urban areas don't have the option to charge at home and are therefore looking to workplaces as a charging destination.

Charging stations not only ensure a sustainable reputation. Many companies see charging stations as an entirely new source of income. By making the charging stations publicly accessible, companies can increase their revenues, attract new customers and sell additional products or services on location.

Public charging stations ensure that the location of your office is also visible online on Google Maps or Waze. With charging stations in the office, you increase the visibility of your brand and attract new customers.

Whether you are the owner of a business or renting the office building, charging stations help to improve the reputation of your office and thus become a more attractive place to work.

We provide installation, testing and maintenace of all EV Charging Point types throughout the UK, if you'd like support with your EV Charging Points or station, please don't hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team, you can contact us here: 01604 696113 -


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