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Common workplace hazards & how to avoid them

When workers correctly identify and control hazards, working with electricity may be highly safe on the job site. Electric shock or even death could result from insufficient training, a lack of experience, and a failure to recognize potential dangers.

Damaged equipment and tools

It can be quite unsafe to be around damaged electrical tools and equipment. If you are not qualified to mend something, don't. Check all cables, wires, and cords carefully for any fractures, scrapes, or abrasions. Have them fixed or replaced if there are any flaws.

Faulty wiring and overloaded circuits

Using wires that are too small for the current might lead to overheating and fires. Use the appropriate wire for the operation and electrical load that you are working on. Use an extension cord that is appropriate for heavy-duty use. Additionally, utilize the right circuit breakers and avoid overloading outlets. Conduct routine fire risk assessments to find vulnerable circuits and wiring.

Electrical parts that are exposed

Temporary lighting, uncovered power distribution panels, and insulation on electrical lines are a few examples of exposed electrical elements. Potential shocks and burns could result from these dangers. These objects should be guarded well, and any exposed parts should always be checked and amended by a professional right away.

Wet environments

Be very cautious when using electrical devices in damp environments. Water significantly raises the danger of electrocution, particularly if the equipment's insulation is destroyed. Before turning on wet electrical equipment, have a competent electrician inspect it.

Compromised Insulation

Insulation that is faulty or insufficient is dangerous. Keep an eye out for any damaged insulation and report it right away. Before replacing broken insulation, turn off all power sources, and never try to tape them over.

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