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Simple Christmas safety tips

Christmas is a time for celebration and relaxing with family and friends, however we must still be cautious of some of the potential dangers that can pop up if not enough care is taken.

Please start by ensuring that all electrical gifts that you purchase are from reputable sources and that all electrical decorations, for example, Christmas tree lights, are safe and conforming to British standards.

Be sure to switch off and try to also unplug all electrically powered decorations and / or all other electrical items that you have in a room that you are leaving for a considerable amount of time. This is a simple step to follow that will significantly reduce the chance of electrical fires.

Make sure that everyone in your building or home are well informed regarding where the fire exit is located and how to reach it.

Keep any type of device that generates heat away from decorations, not just heaters, but also such things as light fittings, as well as other flammables and cards etc away from burning candles that are unattended. Decorations and lights are not to be played with by kids, they don’t comply with various toy safety regulations, some can be even be reasonably sharp and dangerous and should always be kept out of the reach of minors.

Careful management and handling of all cabling and wiring is advised, try to avoid tangling as much as possible. Christmas trees are deceivingly flammable, be very cautious how you handle everything on and around them.

If you require any support or advice with the electrical and fire safety in your building, contact - 01604 696113 today.

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