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9 years for pub landlord who failed to ensure electrical safety in premises, leading to tragic death

As mentioned previously, electrician, Colin Naylor, 74, was found guilty of failing to protect people from death and injury, after installing faulty lights at a pub in Romford, east London.

The landlord of the pub, David Bearman, was convicted of gross negligence manslaughter. The pub landlord has been jailed for 9 years following the death of a 7 year old boy who was electrocuted at his premises. The electrician, Colin Naylor, was given a 1 year sentence.

The landlord had not only been grossly negligent with the health and safety of his pub, he also pleaded guilty to stealing thousands of pounds worth of stolen electricity. The lighting fixtures in the premises had stolen electricity running through them which was said to be very powerful.

A responsible electrician who had visited the premises, labelled it “the most dangerous place he had ever visited in 40 years”.

After the tragic death of 7 year old boy, Harvey Tyrrell, 12 extreme defects posing a risk of injury or death including electric shock, and 32 other potentially dangerous defects were identified.

This tragic death was very avoidable, sadly the people responsible failed to take the safety of the premises seriously, and follow the required safety preventative measures to ensure such dangerous hazards were not present.


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