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LV Testing

Why LV Testing?

When a fault or power trip occurs in the workplace, it can cause multiple issues. These can include disruption to a normal working day, leading to lack of operation, which in turn often means a loss of money as well as being potentially extremely dangerous. LV maintenance is vital for ensuring that electrical equipment is in good working order, as well as legally compliant.

What does LV Testing involve?

 LV Testing involves the testing & verification of an existing electrical infrastructure throughout a workplace or premises, accompanied by the testing & inspection of all LV panel boards & switch gears throughout a site.

Why Protest?

Our expert team of electrical engineers are both skilled and experienced in maintaining all LV equipment, whether it be ABB, Schneider, or any other manufactures. We are experienced in dealing with both older LV panels as well as more modern set ups. Nothing surprises our team and we welcome all new challenges.

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