Lighting Upgrades

At Protest ES Ltd we provide commercial lighting upgrades designed for all business and organization types.

All lighting upgrade installations are swift and hassle free.


Whether your commercial site is large or small, our team of vastly experienced, expert electricians, are fully equipped to deliver lighting upgrades to any site.

We make it our mission to replace all under performing  lamp fittings and lighting equipment with the latest, high quality LED Lighting lamps and equipment. 


Many businesses, not just in the UK, but in the world, are still using high costing, and energy consuming traditional lighting, such as incandescent, halogen, or fluorescent lighting...

Our LED Lighting upgrades bring the following benefits to your site.

✔ Improve both employee and visitor overall experience

✔ Increase productivity by improving comfort

✔ Improve working environments, boosting health and safety

✔ Boost energy savings by as much as 80%

✔ Reduced glare, buzzing and flickering

✔ Lower your carbon footprint emissions significantly

✔ Reduced maintenance costs and requirements


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