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With the 18th Edition Amendment 2 recently coming into effect we look at why regulations change

The 18th Edition of the IET Wiring Regulations, which includes Amendment 2 / BS 7671:2018, went into effect last week (September 27th).

These standards will have an impact on what electrical systems in UK buildings are acceptable and compliant, as well as what is not.

Why they change?

The majority of BS 7671 is based on European standards known as Harmonized Documents (HD), which are periodically revised. We in the UK, along with the other CENELEC member nations, have three years following the publication or amendment of an HD to exclude incompatible standards and put the changes into practice.

Who are the IET?

IET Codes and Guides is the Technical Regulations' sibling division of the IET. This division was established to offer advise to the electrical sector on BS 7671's outside limits. A steering committee or board gives the department recommendations for potential codes of practice or other forms of advice.

Leaders from many sectors of the business make up the board, and each member will contribute information from a particular field to help determine where support is required. Although the work frequently lags behind, it does aid in aligning and guiding the sector.

How IET adheres to established worldwide standards

However, the worldwide framework for IEC standards states that things like unsafe voltages won't manifest for a long time, the supply will be cut off, earthing and bonding will be appropriate for the installation type, etc. These IEC standards are then introduced into many parts of the world, including North America, Australasia, Europe, etc.

The IEC standard is modified for that market and issued as an HD since 400/230 V, 50 Hz has been approved by CENELEC participant nations throughout Europe. The HD must also be implemented in BS 7671 while taking into consideration statutory instruments like ESQCR, earthing and bonding standards where PME circumstances apply, etc.

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