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Why being proactive with your electrical maintenance is critical

If you depend on the proper running of electrical equipment, it’s time to consider pro active electrical maintenance to prevent interruptions, downtime and failures. Statistics show that more than 65 percent of system-induced outages can be avoided by regularly scheduling maintenance on all of your electrical equipment and systems.

Previous electrical preventive maintenance programs consisted mainly of visual inspections. In contrast, proactive electrical maintenance uses the latest testing equipment to compile a full diagnostic evaluation that predicts when and where maintenance needs to be conducted before a system failure occurs.

Being proactive essentially means staying ahead of the curve when it comes to your electrical system and appliances. Having everything regularly checked will identify any small problems so you can get them repaired to stay safe and compliant.

What are the benefits of being proactive with your electrical maintainance?

Ensuring Safety

Having your installation and appliances regularly checked by a professional will ensure that they are safe to use. Shock risks, unsafe wiring and fire hazards can all be eliminated, while ensuring your building is ready to respond to any issues with fully functioning fire alarms and emergency lights.

Saving Money

As well as sidestepping harm to tenants or employees, regular maintenance will avoid major damage to your building. The price of an annual or biannual check is nothing compared to the cost of major repairs after a fire or replacing your entire system.

Maintaining Compliance

Regular maintenance will also make sure you’re compliant with the relevant regulations like Health and Safety at Work (1974) and Electricity at Work (1989). Above all else, this provide peace of mind that your building is safe and fully functional.

Eliminating Downtime

Finally, proactive maintenance can eliminate downtime for your site. Whether it’s the risk of being shut down for non-compliance or not being able to use your building while major work is taking place, you can sidestep these issues by keeping your systems and appliances in full working order.

Want to take the Proactive approach?

If you are a commercial business that requires electrical testing and inspection, to ensure electrical compliance, please don't hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team, you can contact us here: 01604 696113 |


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