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Lockdown 2 - what to expect and what are the rules?

The UK will shortly enter its second official lockdown tomorrow.

Boris Johnson made the big announcement over the weekend. The second lockdown comes in response to the big increase in cases of the virus throughout the UK. Over the weekend cases of COVID-19 topped the 1 million mark in the UK and this lockdown is the latest attempt to curb those rising levels of cases, as we face the second wave.

When will the lockdown begin and end?

Lockdown will officially start November 5th 00:01, with lockdown measures set to end December 2nd 00:01. MP’s are set to vote on the specific measures today (Wednesday).

Will the lockdown last longer than planned?

The lockdown end date is currently scheduled to end on December 2nd however, this end date will be evaluated based on a number of factors, the main one being how effective the lockdown is or isn’t, at stemming the spread of the virus. Keir Stammer, the Labour leader, had previously called for a 3-week “circuit breaker” whilst other conservative party members had called for tiered localised lockdowns. However, Boris stated that there is simply no other alternative than a complete national lockdown.

What are the travel restrictions?

People in England are being told to avoid all non-essential travel in the UK and abroad as part of the new lockdown. This means during this time, all foreign holidays and overnight stays anywhere in the UK will be banned during the lockdown period.

What are the rules that we know of so far?

As of yet we know that all bars, restaurants, and pubs will be closed until at least December 2nd with people advised to stay at home unless they have a legitimate reason to leave their home. People will be allowed to exercise outside as well as socialise in public spaces outdoors like parks etc, with 1 other person, as long as they follow social distancing measures.

People will not be permitted to socialise indoors though, or in private gardens. Schools, colleges, and universities will remain open however, which wasn’t the case in the first lockdown. Vulnerable people and people with illnesses making them susceptible to the virus have been advised by the Prime Minister to “minimise their contact with others” this isn’t a formal restriction though, meaning shielding will not resume.

“I know how tough shielding was and we will not ask people to shield again in the same way,”

Mr Johnson said in his speech announcing the regulations on Saturday.

“But we are asking those who are clinically extremely vulnerable to minimise their contact with others and not to go to work if they are unable to work from home.”

If you require any critical services in order to remain safe and compliant during this time, contact - 01604 696113.

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