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Electrical Testing - general FAQ’s

We often get asked some general questions around electrical testing, below are some of the questions we get asked the most...

Q: Why do I need to have my wiring tested?

A: Any faults within your electrical installation or portable appliances can go undetected. In the event of a fault developing, this could lead to serious risk of fire, electrocution or death. Fixed wire testing will accurately identify faults, their locations and usually the recommended solution.

Q: Will testing cause a lot of disruption to the power?

A: A short power outage can be expected on each circuit within the system but because most of the testing is carried out whilst the system is still live, these outages can be planned around your daily activities.

Q: Is electrical installation testing a legal requirement?

A: The law does not require electrical testing to be carried out, however, the law does require that your entire electrical system is kept safe at all times. The only way to ensure this is to have periodic testing and inspections carried out, with remedial action on any faults found from testing. If an accident does occur where electricity was the cause, then you must prove that you did all possible to avoid that occurring. Test results and preventative maintenance records will provide your best proof.

Q: Is electrical testing a requirement of my insurance company?

A: Increasingly, insurers are insisting that testing is carried out on a regular basis. If you suffer an avoidable accident, then under law, if found guilty, you will be deemed to have committed a criminal offence. Insurers will not pay fines or compensation suffered resulting from a criminal offence.

Q: What does it cost to have electrical systems tested?

A: Costs are based on a cost per circuit or appliance tested multiplied by the numbers involved. This, together with the existing condition of the system will determine the overall cost. Do not hesitate to contact us to assess your electrical testing needs further.

Q: We operate 24 hours a day, how can you carry out testing if production cannot stop?

A: We have significant experience in working within the constraints of manufacturing environments. Because the majority of the testing involves carrying out live tests, we can schedule dead testing around pre-arranged windows. These may be during holidays, breakdowns, maintenance stoppages or shift changes.

Q: I am afraid that my electrical installation is quite old, won’t testing show seriously costly issues in terms of remedial work?

A: Because any faults are quickly identified, the cost of remedials in most cases is not too significant. The majority of problems found involve earthing deficiencies, which although potentially extremely dangerous are not overly expensive to fix.

Q: How will I know when my next test is due?

A: We hold records of all clients, together with re-test dates on our database and reminders when testing is due.

Q: How often should electrical installations be tested?

A: The IEE guidance suggests the following test intervals:

Domestic 10 years

Commercial 5 years

Industrial 3 years

If you are a commercial business that requires electrical testing and inspection, to ensure electrical compliance, please don't hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team, you can contact us here: 01604 696113 |


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