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1 in 4 Universities in the UK have Received Complaints about Fire Safety from Students

It has been reported that as many as 1 in 4 UK universities have had students that are expressing their concerns for the fire safety of their accommodation.

Figures coming from Eaton stated that a majority of UK universities are falling short when it comes to investing in the newer technology that is required to help reduce the chances of fires igniting. The data obtained in this report came from freedom of information request, that was issued to 134 universities throughout the UK, 78 responded.

From this data, it was revealed that roughly 30% of the universities had received complaints regarding fire safety from mostly students, as well as some staff and general visitors to the various sites.

This figure amounted to a rough statistic of 1 in 4 universities. Despite the advancements in technology in this day and age, including the amazing developments and innovation in safety and evacuation options, many universities are seemingly neglecting to use and invest in these. Instead opting to go for cheaper more simpler methods that barely meet the minimum safety standards required.

Because of the ever growing demand of electricity use from students, modern universities basically have to be always-on environments, they are expected to cater to a constant and growing demand for energy.

With this almost 24/7 demand in energy on campuses, comes a far greater increase in potential for electrically ignited fires. Students are using electrical devices more than ever and there simply has to be better fire and electrical safety measures in place.

As well as this report, in recent times further research has revealed that there has been more than 50% of all fires in the UK caused by electrical faults. Universities have in some instances began to innovate and evolve with the times and greater need to safeguard against the increase in electrical device usage in their always-on campus environments.

This FOI report included the information that many universities have still failed to invest in proven fire prevention methods that will be far more effective in preventing electrically ignited fires. An example of this was the near 70% of universities that responded were yet to have AFDD's (Arc Fault Detection Devices) in place.

In most cases AFDD's are thought of as the best practise for circuit protection, this due to their ability to digitally monitor wires for specific frequencies that hint or indicate that there is an arc fault. Recent national standards included recommendations for the installation of AFDD's to prevent the risk of fires igniting due to arc fault.

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