All Switchgear panels provided by Protest ES Ltd are commissioned in conformity with IEC-61439 standards, by carrying out routine and general tests.

At Protest we have evolved from the testing and maintenance of LV panels and now offer various other services such as installation, supply, maintenance and general production of LV Panels, nationwide.


Part of the reason we moved to providing LV Panels is due to the huge demand and more the pattern in demand as their has been a growth in this year by year, with this growth being fairly substantial in all different commercial entities.

What we do


We provide panel manufacturing, engineering, project designing, testing, commissioning, installation and after sales services to our valued customers.

Some of the products and services we supply, install, and maintain are the following below:

•Low Voltage (LV) Distribution Boards

•HV-MV Secondary Protection Panels

•Motor Control (MCC) Panels

•PLC and RTU Automation Panels

•LV Compensation and Harmonic Filter Panels

•Sen-Plus LV Distribution Boards (General Electric)

•Sen-Plus LV Withdrawable MCC Systems (GE)

•xEnergy Switchboard Systems (Eaton)

•xEnergy-XW Withdrawable MCC Systems (Eaton)

•Exproof Panels (Eaton)

•E-Container Solutions

What kind of working environments we supply 

We supply our LV panels to the following types of commercial working environments and specific projects that require the technology to function.

•Plant Rooms
•Industrial Facilities
•Marine Projects
•Oil & Gas
•Communication Projects
•Transportation Projects
•Special Projects






What we guarantee with our panels


High quality ✔

Bespoke ✔

Optimum accessibility ✔

Safe and easy to operate ✔

Reliable ✔






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