Installation of Remote Management & Monitoring Systems

The project

Scottish Southern Energy (SSE) are an industry leading energy company with their headquarters based in Perth, Scotland. They are involved in multiple operations including, the supplying of energy, gas, and telecommunications. spanning across the United Kingdom. They are the second largest supplier of energy and gas in the whole of the United Kingdom. 


They approached us regarding their Arnish Power Station located in the Isle of Lewis with the objective of looking into ways in which they could find more cost effective solutions for the delivery of compliance in this facility. This relating to the 3 elements of compliance services listed below.

Fire Alarm Testing

Emergency Light Testing

Legionella Testing


Our approach


We were able to successfully install all remote monitoring systems to integrate with their respective elements of compliance. Please see below for the equipment that has been fitted for each compliance system.


Fire Alarm Monitoring

The previous Fire Alarm Monitoring system was completely manual, we implemented a fully wireless approach, allowing for monitoring of systems to be setup and reports stored on a cloud based portal. They had been having 2 checkups per year, however, with our system in place, we were able to reduce this to just one checkup required per year.   



Emergency Light Testing


As mentioned with the Fire Alarm Monitoring system, the previous Emergency Light Testing system in place was for multiple routine visits and they had no wireless capabilities in place. We were able to successfully implement a remote monitoring system in which the performance of the Emergency Lighting was able to be studied closely. The checkups required before we installed our cloud based system were 1, now with our system in place they require zero checkups. 


Legionella Testing

Up until we provided our service and were able to successfully fit the water systems based on site with the correct receivers in order to monitor all different temperatures. The required site visits were once every month. We installed and reading system and remote monitoring system, that enabled for live reporting of water temperature onto our secure cloud based portal where we were and are able to closely manage systems, cutting scheduled checkups done from 12 to 0. 

Summary of works provided


All remote systems are currently are online and working without issue, all 3 can be

interrogated remotely. Compliance work for all 3 services have alerts
programmed so if any issues are encountered, they  will be raised and members of our Protest staff can react swiftly and accordingly. Whilst setting up our 3 remote monitoring systems we were also able to have a positive impact on Arnish Power Stations energy efficiency, effectively reducing their carbon footprint.



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