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Why go with LED Lighting?

There are many reasons why you should go for LED Lighting. In this post we are going to explore those reasons, Condensing them into 4 main reasons why your commercial premises will only benefit from LED lighting.

We truly believe that the future is with LED Lighting, because the technology is so advanced some may not be aware of just how many advantages there are to LED lighting technology.


Probably the biggest benefit to LED Lighting is the level of efficiency that it offers as proposed to older, more traditional lighting. For example, 50% of energy generated from incandescent light bulbs is lost to the generation of heat. This is certainly not the case with LED lighting, LED lamps will generate the same power and same brightness, but using a substantially less amount of power and watts to do so.


The lifespan of LED lighting will last way longer on average than any kind of traditional lighting could possibly last before needing a replacement. The traditional incandescent light bulb will last on average 1,000 hours, compared to LED light bulbs that will on average last up to 20,000 hours before they need replacing.


Another huge benefit to LED bulbs, is that they allow for use in many different types of lighting systems. With LED light bulbs allowing for more creativity as they are easy to install and offer almost unlimited customisation options, meaning that LED can be adjusted to a current lighting system or or brand new system. They are fundamentally flexible to your requirements.

Eco friendly

Most traditional lighting systems are not very friendly to the environment, even compact fluorescent lamps that are known to be better environmentally than the traditional incandescent lamps, contain mercury, making them difficult to fully dispose of. LED lights are far easier and safer to dispose of than both lamps, as well as being recyclable, which is perfect for companies looking to improve their carbon footprint.

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