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The importance of Switchgear

Fundamentally, and in short, switchgear panels are in place to protect your workplace from electrical overload. From the generation to distribution of power, the switchgear helps to streamline the manner in which electrical systems and appliances run, and also in protecting equipment from overload and short circuit damage.

When the current and voltage in terms of power, becomes too rapid and overwhelming, the switchgear comes into effect, neutralizing the potential for damage by quickly controlling the electrical circuit.

Most commonly, switchgear panels are made up of the following protection devices:

Circuit breakers, isolators, switches, fuses, relays, indicating instruments, control panels and transformers. When dealing with any kind of fault concerning the electrical power system or an overpowering heavy current load, there is a high potential for equipment to become damaged, as well as workplace functionality to drop.

To protect against this from happening, and electrical equipment from being damaged, the above switchgear protection devices will be required. Again to summarise in simple layman's terms, the switchgear protection devices are in place to cut the power load when it becomes too heavy, de-energising it and safely clearing any faults.

The 3 key functions of switchgear and protection devices are the following:

Protect, Isolate, Control

If the switchgear and protection devices at your premises are not achieving these three main functions, you need to take action now.

In a bit more detail, the switchgear and protection devices help protect all electrically powered machines, devices and equipment. This is done by interrupting any circuits that experience any form of electrical overload, whilst at the same time, still allowing for currents to flow through circuits that are not experiencing overload or any other issues.

They also help to isolate affected circuits and parts of the system that are energized. This to protect the person who is repairing any equipment or any part of the system. Switchgear helps to maximise the availability of systems, allowing for multiple sources to feed a load.

An essential switchgear component is the circuit breaker, or the current interruption or switching device. Circuit breakers can be automated to trip when electrical overload or any fault is experienced. The fault is detected early through protection relay, and triggers the trip before any damage can occur. It can also be operated manually should there be a requirement to do so.

If you'd like to find out how our switchgear services can help significantly improve your workplace, get in contact and speak to an expert, by calling the following number: 01604 696113.


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