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Rough guide to maintaining electrical safety in schools for all Estates Managers / Head of Estates

Electrical hazards can be difficult to avoid all together, especially in busy working environments such as schools, colleges, universities. However, there are steps that can be taken to reduce the likelihood of them occurring in your building.

The smallest electrical fault can not only be incredibly dangerous to all occupants, but also could cause substantial disruption to the learning and working environment.

Lets look at some of the testing and inspection methods that will help safeguard your schools against electrical hazard.

As touched upon in our previous article, Thermal Imaging (Thermographic surveys) are a perfect non-invasive diagnostic tool for identifying potential hazards with minimal disruption.

Thermal Imaging allows for the quick identification of damaged and/or faulty areas known as 'hot spots' in any type of electrical supply. These 'hot spots' generate heat, the thermal imaging camera will then detect the irregularities in the system, with the reports generated, alerting us to any potential hazard before it becomes a serious hazard.

No other non-invasive preventative maintenance service is able to help identify problems such as poor connections, over loaded cables and any other faults in electrical equipment as safely and as promptly as thermal imaging.

Making it perfect for school environments where time is of the essence but where an efficient method is required to thoroughly survey site in a prompt yet professional manner.

Much like in an educational establishment, from colleges to universities, one thing they are not short of is electrical equipment, this is the same with schools.

There is still no better service for testing multiple portable electrical items than PAT Testing.

Our PAT Testing engineers have plenty of experience operating within the educational sector, making sure that we methodically test every relevant item and ensuring that each individual item is methodically barcoded so they can be identified and monitored at a later date.

Perfect in a vastly populated schools with hundreds or even thousands of occupants.

To check your schools premises for faults in electrical installations, Fixed Wire Testing will be required. Fixed Wire Testing involves the testing and inspection of the wiring in your electrical installations, identifying any faults that are hazardous or have the potential to become that way. If you aren’t familiar with Fixed Wire Testing, unlike Thermal Imaging, circuits will need to be isolated for short periods of time whilst testing is being conducted.

At Protest we will always work with you every step of the way from initial briefing to testing. This in order reduce disruption to the daily operations in your school establishment. To fully alleviate the disruption factor, we also suggest to our clients that they schedule for testing to be provided in the school holidays, this as well as providing out of school hours testing too.

For any remedial works required, we are more than happy to provide recommendations as well as conducting the works with a goal of ensuring that your school environment remains a safe one.

If you are a repsonsible for the electrical safety of your school, or multiple school sites, please feel free to contact us if any of the above electrical services are something you'd like Protest ES Ltd to provide for you.

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