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Rolec EV supply over 1,000 charging stations to Kia

Did you know by 2020 the UK department for transport predict that 1 in 5 vehicles will be electrical, that's at least 2 million of the electrical vehicles on British roads. Hotels, car parks, supermarkets and businesses will all hugely benefit from installing EV Charging points.

Rolec EV recently supplied more than 1,000 charging stations for global car manufacturers, Kia, in the UK. As touched upon above, the move towards EV cars is starting to increase dramatically and this latest development is just more evidence of the demand for these type of of cars.

It is reported that Kia will be equipping charging points for both their UK HQ, their dealership networks and also domestic EV customers. The move will see more than 160 dealerships as well as offices be implemented with various charging stations. This deal shows clear intent from KIa to get on board with a much more EV stance. Kia will be providing charging points to EV domestic customers as well as providing assistance with the installation of them.

Rolec MD, Kieron Alsop explained: "KIA had a requirement to implement a nationwide EV charging network, to be deployed across over 160 dealerships and offices, as well as the facility to offer standardised EV home charge point installations to its EV customers.

To accommodate these requirements Rolec EV, via its ‘enquiry to installation’ charge point management portal, was able to design, manufacture and project manage the installation of a range of custom KIA branded EV charging pedestals and WallPod chargers."

If you require any Rolev EV Charging Points at your commercial site, please contact us today - 01604 696113.


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