PAT Testing - Don't get complacent because of it!

Even when PAT Testing has been carried out on all of the portable appliances throughout your workplace. Despite everything having been tested and certified, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t still approach appliances with some level of extra care and caution. This because, despite having a professional test your devices, electrical equipment still can pose a threat of overheating and electric shocks. Sockets could be overloaded, and damage leading to faults can occur with your appliances outside the window of testing.

This is why it is integral that employees are properly educated on how to best manage appliances with the appropriate care that is required. Whilst also teaching them to be aware of early warning signs of damage to not just portable appliances, but anything electrical in the workplace.

When it comes to managing the safety of an employee’s own personal equipment however, individuals need to recognise the specific warning signs that could pose a serious threat to the appliance that they use on a daily basis. Potential signs that could pose a risk to the portable appliances such as, failing or faulty sockets or ports, as well as dangerous cables that are showing signs of wear and tear.

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