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Lighting upgrades will help schools improve energy efficiency significantly, experts say

Leading lighting manufacturers are confident that by upgrading lighting systems in their premises, schools can become vastly more energy efficient.

By analysing government data, one lighting manufacturer, eLight, were able to showcase that money spent in schools on energy bills has increased by nearly 7% over the last 5 years. This due to poor implementation of energy efficient technology.

Lighting on average will account for at least half of the overall electricity bill that a school pays. Another leading lighting manufacturer, Tamlite Lighting, insist that by upgrading lighting, energy use can be reduced heavily, without that much of a greater cost too.

With summer holidays approaching it is an ideal time to start upgrading lighting systems, John Allden, Managing Director for Tamlite, stated. With the very latest designs of LED lighting systems implemented in the proper manner, this will have a hugely positive impact on long term cost reduction and overall reduction in carbon footprint. As echoed by Allden, LED lighting upgrades are easily installed with minimal disruption in most cases to a premises and will see a return on investment very early on.

Often overlooked is the positive impact on productivity and wellbeing of occupants being a big plus factor for re-configuring lighting systems too. By mixing and matching on both natural and artificial lighting for different times of the day, this can benefit both teachers and also students in terms of their wellbeing and overall morale as well as productivity.

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